First of all thank you for being here. Let me tell you something about me:

My name is Sacha Skott and i grew up in Sweden and my parents were from Denmark and i have lived many places , Stockholm ,Copenhagen, Hamburg, New York, London, Berlin and now I am back in Copenhagen.

I speak Swedish ,Danish, English, German and some Italian. I Mainly teach in English/ Danish.

I have studied with many Teachers whom have inspired and still inspire my way of teaching, for me it is really important that it feels right / authentic. Yoga and Meditation has helped me deal with life in a completely different way. I am so grateful for yoga and meditation.

I teach Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. In my Hatha flow classes I focus on the importance of moving into the positions with the breath, and a feeling of being in a meditative mode during the practice, switching the thinking of ,feeling and breathing. I pay carefully attention to engaging the right muscles  in different poses to prevent injury ,so that the students can build a strong Foundation before they move into more advanced poses, a safe practice and still challenging.

I am certified : 300 hours Spirit yoga, 800 hours Jivamukti , 300 hours advanced with Noah Maze, Biff Mithoefer level 2. Sarah Powers Yin Insight institute level 3, and I am in the Mentoring Program Insight Yoga institute with Sarah Powers.

In the Yin yoga classes we hold the postures for a longer period 3-5 minutes sitting or lying down, where we go deep into the connective tissues, it is very beneficial for people who are suffering from back pain, stiffness, people whom sit at the desk most of their day and excellent for runners. The practice will  slow down your nervous system so that you will to be able to sleep better and feel less stressed. I always teach a meditation in my classes, connecting with your breath.

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