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My name is Sacha Skott and i grew up in Sweden and my parents were from Denmark and i have been living outside of Denmark most of my life until 2018 in Stockholm ,Hamburg, New York, London, Berlin.

I am a life coach and and mindfulness teacher and currently studying Integral Psychotherapy at ID Institute with Ole Vadum Dahl.

I teach Mindfulness to companies and to clients and in my yoga classes.

Living a life with mindfulness, being a life awake every moment noticing what emotions arise is lifestyle and does not take that long to implement into your life it is just a matter of practice and doing it continuously.

I worked many years in the fashion industry mainly as a manager and buyer and i myself suffered from stress and went trough 2 burn outs, I also experienced going through a rough time in my life trying to have children and went through hormonal treatments, pregnancies and lost and at some point I woke up and said: ” enough what are you doing to yourself ?”

I wanted to change my life radical and I did, I started meditating & practicing more yoga, that was the beginning of this long journeys of self development / healing getting to now myself and visiting places inside me that I had closed down and that really needed my attention and my love.

Discovering Self compassion and self leadership has changed my life forever, I was used to pushing myself hard and had strong inner critic, I have learnt and I am still working my inner child, I have built a connection with my internal family system so that I any situation can go within and talk with my parts that needs attention.

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