Impermanence - Self Compassion


I have spent a lot of time studying impermanence and stil, I sometimes I forget, the last 1,5 years has been full of changes,  In november 2016 on a retreat a lot of things came up that I had to face which it was vey painful and exhausting and I was struggling with a lot of mixed emotions- like shame of not being happy, feeling sad, feeling lonely,  you are not supposed to be sad a yoga teacher are you not you supposed to be in balance all the time ? I cancelled most of my classes and took time to go within. 

Self compassion -One of the most of important things on the that I was taught was self compassion, I have been practicing compassion for years towards others but not towards myself, I was always there for others helping and listening, now I learnt to to allow myself to hold the feelings that I was a shame of - sadness, a shamed of not being happy, tired and lonely. I  was able to start the healing with the help of my teacher and a life coach. Things started to turn around and my energy came back, I was very grateful .

Listening -The other thing is that has helped me immensely ,having a person from the buddhist community listening compassionately without judging, not telling me what to do. 

Purpose, being authentic- I have found a new purpose in the way I teach through my journey and to be transparent about the challenges I have faced . 

I wish for all the people who may read this that they may come around to finding self -compassion, being able to listen to themselves and  to reach out for support.

I will be teaching about this in my workshop in Berlin Sunday april 1st 3 pm Yin workshop

and on my mindfulness and Yin Yoga Retreat In Umbria Italy may 18th -22nd