Stronger, Faster & Higher, Millennials in Yoga classes


Stronger, Faster & Higher

Generation Maybe/ Millennials in the Yoga classes, getting their Prana fix.

The millennials In Germany, they have been called Generation Maybe, a group who are well educated, highly connected, multilingual, globally minded, with myriad opportunities, but who are so overwhelmed by the possibilities available to them that they commit to nothing. They don´t stick with one style and learn it properly,instead they jump from place to place, each day a new style and a new teacher.

I am sitting in a a cafe with dear friend also a yoga teacher in Berlin and we are Reflecting about how the yoga scene in Berlin has changed dramatically the last 2 years.

2 years ago I was teaching in a studio in Kreuzberg and started noticing these students coming to the classes either trough Urban sports club or SOMUCHMORE they were not familiar with the the style of yoga, I would try and give them some extra attention to be able to follow the class, only I started noticing that there were always a lot of new faces in the classes who weren't familiar at all with the style and not in the right level of class, beginners who had gotten lost in advanced classes, I noticed a mood of general irritation when I would break down an asana and teach alignments , I would cue the sunsaluations they would not follow they would speed it up, wanting to get through the sunsaluations as quick as possible so that they would sweat as much as possible , and not give a dam about breath and alignment. 

This was just the beginning it has spread into almost all the Yoga studios in Berlin at least where I am teaching, students with very little basic knowledge show up to level 2 classes to sweat, get a workout, a quick Prana fix ,often they will stand in the first row, when they enter the studio you will know immediately because the will be standing impatiently in line to check in and will stick their phone up your nose and say “I am with urban sport club, i have already checked in”, 

In the beginning of my classes I often start with a short a Meditation, and often I notice their restlessness, sitting with their eyes wide open, fidgeting and at the end of the class the may leave early before the relaxation/ shavasana.

I remember I started practicing yoga, and the first time I entered an Asthanga class, I had been practicing Ashtanga yoga at home for 2 years watching a VCR tape every day, this was a time before dvd´s, youtube and Yoga online. In the class I enjoyed sweating feeling my body, the intensity,  I noticed the extremely loud and intense sound of the people breathing in the room creating fog on the windows, and the picture of Pattabhi Jois on the wall. I was not taught anything about the philosophy behind the methodI just showed up to classes practicing asana day in day out ,after I a while I asked if they could recommend a book I was curious to learn more and they sold me a book about asana, that was not what i was looking for i was curious about the philosophy what made me feel so great and relaxed and also releasing emotions. 

This was a totally different experience from what most people have today , I was studying one method and sticking to that, I learnt a lot about myself and also about my boundaries and although I am not teaching this method it has had a very big influence on my teaching style and only i have added a lot of understanding of breath ,alignment, and that has helped me with my back, neck, hamstring & shoulder injuries. 

Stronger, faster and higher

Some of styles of yoga are very strong competitive and will teach you advanced poses in a class which not all are ready for, which means there is a high risk of injury, maybe check out then options of different styles of Yoga Iyengar yoga and Anusara yoga teach good alignment or take a beginners class Workshop , build a strong foundation before you move onto advanced fancy poses, pay attention how you are feeling during after a class, not crossing your boundaries, not letting yourself get carried away by fancy poses and breathe.

The purpose of yoga is liberation.