You may have landed either because you practice Yoga or are interested in starting  practicing yoga  or maybe you just like to enjoy a Massage  ?
My intention with my work is to help people to find a way to a healthier, happier and peacefuller life.
This may seem like a cliche to some of you , but from my experience working many years in the fashion industry  I know what it is like to be out there working crazy hours, having a lot of pressure and sometimes not being able to sleep, anxious , overthinking , and back pain maybe even a burn out or 2. 
I really was like a workhorse I took it all on and when I started to notice that I wasn`t feeling good , my thoughts kicked in "you cant leave this work how will you survive ?" I kept on going until I was so tired that I thought I had cancer , I couldn´t belief that my body was not doing what I wanted it to do whenever I wanted, I had cramps im my solar plexus and the doctors diagnosed Reflux, so I had no  choice but to start listening to my body.
So what I would like to offer is my service my ears, my hands and my  Yin yoga classes that can be both very soothing for your nervous system and therefore less tension and stress and or a yoga class to focus more on muscular strengthening . 
I also offer Private classes one on ones, or at your office
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